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About the job

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer who enjoys solving challenging requirements in a scalable fashion both within a team setting as well as on an individual basis. You’ll be joining a team of experienced professionals who enjoy spending most of their time building new features across the stack and getting immediate feedback from our users and stakeholders. Our focus is on elegant, extendable and scalable solutions, and our aim is that each engineer is able to contribute on any part of our system. On the frontend we use React, styled components, Redux, to name a few, with a focus on reusable building blocks. On the backend we use mainly Node.js, Express, Serverless, event-driven microservices, OAuth2, API Gateways and will also be kicking off an AI project this year with a focus on machine learning.

What you'll be doing

  • You'll be working in a small team where usually 1-2 people are working on each requirement
  • Each requirement won't be fully fleshed out with detailed analysis and documentation. Instead you'll be given an understanding of what needs to be achieved and why, and together with the stakeholders, product owner or tech leads you'll come up with a solution which can solve that need.
  • You'll be given the autonomy to find the best solution within minimum constraints
  • You'll be expected to produce tests for your solution and minimum documentation
  • The scale of each requirement can be all from 1 day to 1 month, but you'll be expected to break down larger requirements into smaller deliveries which make sense from a technical and business point of view
  • You will NOT have to maintain old code
  • Work remotely or from the office (once it opens up)


‍In terms of experience we would prefer that you have few years under your belt when it comes to React and Node.js. The most complex part of our system is solved on the backend, so the Node.js (and similar backend) experience is important to us.If you've worked on an event-driven microservices stack and you don't think a microservice is just a small service with one purpose, then we would be interested in speaking with you.We work with a lot of 3rd party APIs and implement integrations with 3rd party vendors so it would be great if that domain is familiar to you.We are also building an API Gateway so if you have experience on that front as well as OAuth2, API documentation, SDK and API versioning then we have a task for you.And if you're a developer that enjoys making an impact on build pipelines, cloud setup or security then there is a lot to tackle on that front, as a side gig.We of course don't expect you to know and understand everything above, but it should give you a flavour of what we are looking for and how you can make an impact.


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